Top 5 Most Underrated Anime You Should Watch

Top 5 Most Underrated Anime You Should Watch

A lot of anime out there are super popular and garner a lot of traction. However, some great ones tend to slip through the cracks. We've rounded up some of them here for you to have a look!

5.) Castlevania

 - The animation quality is incredible, definitely above most anime. Voice acting is almost tailor made to English, but perfect across the board. The action is visceral and gory, but not mindless. The story and its pacing are great and doesn't pick up on many generic tropes. This should definitely be on your list to watch if you haven’t already!


4.) Fate Series

- You must know what they say about animes made by Ufotable… Expect amazing characters, a compelling story and simply God-tier action and animation quality. Although this show is chronologically a slight mess, when you do a little bit of research and know where to go, you’ll thank yourself for it, believe us 😉.

3.) Darwin’s Game

- Darin’s Game is all about a boy in high school who gets caught up in a deadly battle royal by complete accident. Right from the word Go, this story moves at a fast pace with an interesting plot and unique characters. The plot unfolds with plot devices far from cliché, with an interesting plot, powers and concept. As all great shows stand on the shoulders of another, there are similarities with this and SOA. However, some have gone as far to call it SAO but done better and we can’t argue with that!

2.) Mushi-shi

- Mushishi is an episodic anime that has only one main character, Ginko. Ginko's purpose is to travel  and research a phenomenon called "mushi" and their effects on humanity. He also helps the different villages deal with any mushi "problems" they may encounter. The paranormal and surreal experiences Ginko goes through while dealing with the Mushi are cool insights on Japanese superstition, and very enticing to follow. It's a tad bit slow, but well worth the watch.

1.) Ergo Proxy

- This series is a short, yet psychologically mind-boggling experience. The post-apocalyptic setting really helps make this anime stand out, coupled with different aspects of history and psychology as well as an awesome female protagonist. Trust us on this one, okay? 😉

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