Anime Streetwear at Ministry of Anime

Anime & Streetwear - Match Made in Heaven?

The world once saw anime as no different to western cartoons meant for children. However, in Japan, anime was equally popular with adults. And this was soon to be recognised by the rest of the world - that in fact a lot of these so called "cartoons" seemed to be tailored to adult viewing and held many adult themes.

And just like that, anime quickly became a world-wide phenomenon that left a stringent impact on many, many lives. One of those lives highly likely being yourself reading this! So many were impacted that the fashion industry took it on itself to respond and as a result, anime fashion is quickly growing in both the West and Japan.


 Streetwear is famous for being able to allow young people to portray their personalities through what they wear. Therefore naturally, anime is a perfect mix with this form of expression.

It has become so big that its even hit the famous runways! Louis Vuitton, Dior and Mochino are only a handful of huge fashion brands to take anime inspiration into their designs. Funky prints, bold colours, they have gone all in and fans are loving it.

Are you still somewhat new to this and looking for somewhere to get started? Well, you’re in the right place! Here at Ministry of Anime, we let our followers lend a hand in designing our anime streetwear. Designed by you, for you. Take a look at our collections and immerse yourself into this ever growing world of anime streetwear!

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